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Photo of Jed Proctor

Jed Proctor

Professional Title: Manager of Infrastructure Strategy for Zero Emissions Vehicles

Organization: Diamler Truck North America

Sessions: Sesson 1


Jed Proctor is the Manager of Infrastructure Strategy for Zero Emissions Vehicles at Daimler Truck North America. Jed has been at DTNA for 12 years and has work in capacities ranging from project management for engine development programs to powertrain strategy for transmission systems and alternative drive solutions. Before transitioning to the electric vehicles group, he was a technical sales manager for the Detroit group of products. Jed started in eMobility managing a team tasked with helping customers implement class 6-8 vehicles electric vehicles in their operations. They assisted with everything from grant strategies and TCO calculations, to efficiency predictions and route selection. Today, Jed’s team leads efforts to devise and implement strategies around infrastructure for zero emissions vehicles, including hardware and software solutions.