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Photo of Dave Schaller

Dave Schaller

Professional Title: Industry Engagement Director

Organization: North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Sessions: Session 1


Dave Schaller is the Industry Engagement Director for the NACFE. His responsibilities include interfacing with fleets and suppliers, writing reports, conducting workshops, giving presentations and running social media groups. Dave works closely with the drivers, fleets and sponsors for the Run on Less demonstrations. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Purdue University and an MBA from Ball State University. As a Navistar employee for 27 years, he held positions in production design, research, program management, dealer sales training, marketing, product line management, and strategic product planning. A marketing role allowed Dave to spend many days in truck stops, fleet offices and dealerships in five countries learning about what the industry desired and why. Dave holds five US patents, has written several SAE papers and numerous NACFE publications. The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is a non-profit group working to double the fuel economy of fleets. They research and publish Confidence Reports and Guidance Documents on over 80 technologies available to the industry. Their “Annual Fleet Fuel Study” reports on industry trends over the past decade and points the way to GHG Phase 2 compliance. Visit to see the many items available to keep you on top of the changes.