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David Christensen

David Christensen

Professional Title: SELECT Executive Director

Organization: Utah State University

Sessions: Committee Member


Dr. David Christensen is Executive Director of the Sustainable Electrified Transportation (SELECT) Research Center. The Center is led by Utah State University and is comprised of more than 20 industry and government members and more than 30 faculty across 10 universities. David coordinates SELECT’s strategic direction, member relations, and commercialization activities in addition to managing research projects and membership activities among the center’s industry members and university partners. He began serving as the Center’s Executive Director in May, 2016.

Prior to his position with SELECT, David held several other positions at Utah State University including Senior Director of Development, Commercial Enterprises Research Development Director (where he helped secure funding for the USU Electric Vehicle and Roadway–EVR–test track and facility), and Research Development Director in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. David received his PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from Utah State University.