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Kenji Morita

Kenji Morita

Professional Title:

Organization: JARI - Japan Automobile Research Institute

Sessions: Session 1
Session 9


Kenji Morita first joined Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) in 1983. Ten years later He graduated from Toyota Technological Institute and returned to JARI. During Morita's time at JARI from 1993 - 2016, he researched practical uses of Otto-type methanol vehicles, investigated high-efficiency HEVs and development of fuel consumption and exhaust gas test method, developed fuel consumption and emission test methods for heavy-duty HEVs using HILS, and developed life test methods for lithium-ion batteries. In 2018 Morita was Secretariat of the 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition. Currently he is in charge of a feasibility study of dynamic wireless power transfer systems.