CERV 2018 Agenda – subject to change

Confirmed panel topics and panelists. Additional panelists will be added as confirmed.

Sessions Monday, February 26, 2018
Conference Welcome - A Vision of the Future with Electric Roads
Regan Zane (Utah State University)
Keynote Presentation - Grzegorz Ombach (Qualcomm)
Pilot Demonstration Projects of Electric Roads
Plenary Presentation - Magnus Lindgren (Swedish Transport Administration)
Plenary Presentation - Ralf Effenberger (INTIS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions, Germany)
OEM Perspectives on Electric Roads
Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt (Scania)
Dan Mikat (Toyota)
Henrik Engadahl (Volvo)
Technology Providers: Recent Advances in Charging Systems
Moderator - Grzegorz Ombach (Qualcomm)
Andrew Daga (Momentum Dynamics)
Mike Masquelier (WAVE)
Hans Säll (Elways)
Christian Koebel (Bombardier)
Dennis Rodriguez (Siemens)
Technology Development: Updates, Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator - Regan Zane (Utah State University)
Jürgen Meins (Braunschweig University, Germany)
Grant Covic (University of Auckland)
Chris Mi (San Diego State University)
Burak Ozpineci (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Conny Börjesson (RISE Viktoria)
Lunch - Luke Cartin (Park City)
Discussion on the Path to Standards and Interoperability for In-Motion Charging
Moderator - Grant Covic (University of Auckland)
Mike Masquelier (WAVE)
Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt (Scania)
Ky Sealy (WiTricity)
Ralf Effenberger (INTIS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions, Germany)
Joachim Taiber (ITIC International Transportation Innovation Center)
System-Level Studies and Models Exploring Energy, Environmental and Economic Benefits of Electrified Roads
Jae Lee (Toyota)
Young Jae Jang (KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Jason Quinn (Colorado State University)
Nadia Gkritza (Purdue University)
Mats Engwall (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
John Salmon (Brigham Young University)
Ziqi Song (Utah State University)
National/International Collaboration on Electric Roadways: Issues and Opportunities
Moderator - David Christensen (Utah State University)
Magnus Lindgren (Swedish Transport Administration)
Dai Xin (Chongqing University)
Joe Manser (DOE)
Andrew Bui (AECOM)
Sessions Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Welcome & Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Keynote Presentation - Alex Gruzen (WiTricity)
The Nexus of Self-Driving and Self-Charging Vehicles
Joachim Taiber (ITIC International Transportation Innovation Center)
Blaine Leondard (Utah Department of Transportation)
Mark Pittman (Blyncsy)
Tony Markel (NREL)
Advances in Stationary and In-Motion Charging Research
Veda Galigekere (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Zeljko Pantic (Utah State University)
Takehiro Imura (University of Tokyo)
Khurram Afridi (University of Colorado Boulder)
Implications of Electric Roads on Transportation Planning and Roadway Design, Construction, and Maintenance
Carley Markovitz (AECOM)
Hans Säll (NCC)
Doug Wilson (University of Auckland)
John Haddock (Purdue University)
Marv Halling (Utah State University)
Impacts of Electric Roads on the Grid, Charging Equipment, Batteries, and Vehicles
Regan Zane (Utah State University)
Duleepa Thrimawithana (University of Auckland)
Filip Johnsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Joshua Jones (Pacificorp - Rocky Mountain Power)
Andrew Meintz (NREL)
Closing Remarks